Performance Power Blades

  • Performance Power 420 series Spare Blade FL5776161-13/4

    Universal | Ref: FL5118408-60/7

    Also fits these models:

    Guardsman 42, Lawnchief 420, Partner 421, Partner 431C Classic 35 Eng., Partner 431CP Classic 35 Eng.
    Partner 431CPE Quantum ES40 Eng., Partner 431SC Centura 40S Eng., Partner 431SCP Centura 40S Eng.
    Partner 431SCPE Centura 40DX/ES Eng., Performance Power 420 Tec.LEV80 Eng.
    Performance Power 420P Tec.Vantage 35 Eng., Partner 43 B&S Classic 35 Eng.
    Partner 43D B&S Classic 35 Eng., Partner 431 B&S Classic 35 Eng.
    Partner 431PD B&S Classic 35 Eng., Partner 431PDE B&S Quantum ES40 Eng.
    Partner 431S B&S Sprint 375 Eng., Partner 431SPD B&S Quattro 38 Eng.
    Partner 431SPDE B&S Quantum ES40 Eng., Partner 431 Tec.Vantage 35
    Partner 431PD Tec.Vantage 35 Eng., Partner 431 Tec.Vantage Eng.
    U42 B&S Classic Eng., Partner 421EL, Partner 431 B&S Classic Eng.
    Partner 431 Tec.Vantage 35 Eng., Lawnchief 420
    Lawnchief 420P, Partner 431, Partner 431, Partner 431
    Partner 431S, Partner 431SCPE
    Performance Power 420, Performance Power 420P, RE420C
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    Total Magic Price: 27.82


  • Performance Power/Stiga Blade

    Universal | Ref: 81004122/0

    For exisiting blades where the number 1117-3353-01 is stamped onto the blade,

    * 40cm blade
    * New number is 81004122/0
    * Also fits ES414
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    Total Magic Price: 18.94