Allett Westminster 20H Cylinder Lawnmower

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Allett Westminster 20H Cylinder Lawnmower is fitted with a quality Honda Engine.
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Allett Westminster 20H Cylinder Lawnmower

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Allett Westminster 20H Cylinder Lawnmower

In a premium class and of its own, the 12-bladed, classic, green and gold liveried Westminster Petrol Cylinder Lawn Mower from Allett is the latest successor to a nearly half-century legacy of quality, tradition and precision cutting.

Allett pretty much all there is to know about maintaining and creating smart, attractive and practically perfect lawns and greens. Why else would sports facilities like Cambridge University’s cricket ground, the All England Tennis Club at Wimbledon and first-class golf clubs, bowling greens and premiership football clubs up and down the British Isles use their lawn mowers?

The Westminster 20H is particularly adept at the meticulous trimming of greens and beautifully presented lawns of up to 350m2, due to its sharp and accurate 12-bladed cylinder. The cutting width is 51cm (20") perfect for manicuring a wicket or a crown green and this efficient lawn mower produces up to 145 cuts per metre.

This cylinder is powered by a very reliable 196cc, four-stroke one cylinder petrol engine, running on unleaded fuel. The engine controls both the cylinder and the propulsion of the mower, driving the rear-roller. A 3.1 litre tank means fewer visits to refuel the lawn mower.

The action of a cylinder mower is considerably more accurate than the machete like action of a rotary mower, due to the controlled forward rotation of sharp, spiral blades on the cylinder. These revolve forward at speed, trapping the blades of grass against a stationary bottom blade, just like a large and precise pair of scissors. Because the front and rear rollers are close to the cutting action, this means the cut is very precise but with no scalping (where too much leaf tissue is cut, exposing stems and sometimes even bare earth, often with a stubbly ‘hacked’ appearance.)

The twin rollers on the Allett Westminster Petrol Cylinder Lawn Mower are both heavy-duty metal, the front being zinc plated steel with smooth running bearings, lining up the grass and keeping the cut even.

An adjustable rake sits between the rollers. This lifts any unwanted material, twigs, thatch, moss and so on, and straightens grass blades that have become flattened before cutting. The rake is depth adjustable, as is the cutting height, micro-adjustable which offers a choice of heights from a gratifyingly close 2.4mm up to 19mm. The adjustment is adjusted with a handy knob.

The rear-roller, mainly responsible for the elegant, striking dark and light stripes which denote a well-groomed lawn, is double-section aluminium with tapered edges for smoother lines, and has a pawl and ratchet differential which reduces the possibility of slipping and produces more torque and a smoother rotation.

The grassbox is lightweight and easy to attach, remove and empty with a useful handle included and has a capacity of 84 litres, more than enough to reduce the number of emptying visits you need to make to the compost heap. It is constructed from impact and weather resistant material.

A bale bar on the handlebars, fitted with a comfort grip, controls engine power to the rear-roller and the cutting cylinder. The handlebars are height adjustable with various positions to reduce the back-pain related problems that can be caused by working at the wrong height.

Transport of the machine from one working area to another can be assisted by the addition of an optional wheel and stand kit. The wheels enable the lawn mower to be wheeled across courtyards, car parks and similar firm surfaces without harming the rollers and cylinder, and the stand raises the machine so fitting the wheels is carried out with ease.

Finally, the smart, effective and stylish Westminster is manufactured in Great Britain and comes complete with a warranty, which covers both labour and parts.

Product Specification:
* Type: Rear Roller
* Propulsion: Self-propelled
* Cutting Width: 51cm
* Blade Type: Cylinder
* Power Type: Petrol
* Net Power: 5.5 HP (4.1 kW)/3600rpm
* Engine: Honda GX200
* Starting Method: Recoil
* Throttle Control: Yes
* Height of Cut: 1.8mm - 19mm
* Grass Box Capacity: 84L
* Weight: 92kg
* Warranty: 2 Years

Barcode / EAN: 5060291730418

This mower is fitted with a Honda GX200 Engine
Why Buy Honda?
This mower features Honda GX200 Power Curve Data - Honda GX200 Tech Spec - Honda GX200

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