EGO Cordless Multi-Tool Edger Attachment - 20cm - 5 Year Warranty

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EGO Cordless Multi-Tool Edger Attachment - 20cm - Complete with 5 Year Warranty

The lawn edger give a clean edge. The attachment comes with a skirt to protect the operator from any thrown debris and also has a guide line to help with cutting straight edges.

Perfect for getting that lovely finish at the edge of your lawn/flowerbed.

EA0800 Specifications:
Blade: 20cm long, 3mm thick, 25.4mm arbour size
Working Depth: Up to 75mm
Length: 92cm
Weight: 2.3kg
Barcode / EAN: 6924969110980

EGO Cordless Multi-Tool Edger Attachment - 20cm has a 5 Year Warranty

EGO Cordless Multi-Tool Edger Attachment - 20cm has an exclusive Mower Magic 5-Year Warranty, supplied to you free of charge. To read more about this exclusive warranty, please click here. See how much you could save using EGO Cordless Tools - Power Beyond Belief EGO Cordless Tools - Power Beyond Belief
Approximate Run Times for EGO Batteries for use as a guide only. Other factors may affect run times.

Checkout the warranty on this EGO Cordless Multi-Tool Edger Attachment - 20cm:

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